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Red 331
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PostPosted: Sun Mar 10, 2019 5:53 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Whill wrote:

Red 331 wrote:
I think that still leaves things a little open to interpretation if you fail the shields skill roll, in terms of if you still can benefit from the shields in their previous settings, or if the roll failure means that you can no longer utilize the shield benefits in ANY of the arcs until you make a successful roll to raise shields. I think I lean towards the latter, but I think you can argue either way given the opacity of the RAW.

If the last setting remains in effect until realigns them, then it is whatever the current setting in effect when the attacks hits that's is defending your ship, not you roll. The roll is to change the setting, not for any specific attacks. The reaction aspect of it just gives you a chance to change the setting before the attacks hits.

I think your interpretation is definitely one legitimate way to look at it, Whill. But I think there's enough gap in the RAW that you could interpret a failed shields roll as a failure to raise shields at all, resulting in no shields benefit until your next successful shields roll. In other words, by choosing to change the settings, you have to turn the shields "off" from their previous settings before attempting to raise them in their new configuration. That would be my "mean GM" interpretation, vs. your "nice GM" Smile But I reserve the right to change my opinion on that given my previous flip-flops on my interpretation of the rules!

But yes, I agree, once you have shields up, I like the interpretation of RAW that you don't have to bother rolling again to bring shields up unless and until you want to change the settings, and can just leave them in their current configuration, automatically gaining the shields benefit according to that configuration, until a change in settings is declared.
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