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Croomyll System
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PostPosted: Fri May 22, 2020 6:31 pm    Post subject: Croomyll System Reply with quote

Part One

Note 1: Some of the following was scanned (and here and there neatened) from dot matrix printouts! I really struggled to work out what to attempt to include and what to ditch!
Note 2: This system is one of the most detailed I ever put together. The PCs were based out of it for a while.

System: CROOMYLL (Villic Sector)


Croomyll is a vacuum world. Its entire the population is resident within artificial environment domes. Two main clusters of domes exist, being the Ottel Domes (pop. 38000) and Liansta Town (pop. 9000). The latter is the home of the infamous Croomyll Slave Market. There are approximately twenty further small communities (pop.1000 all together).

Ottel Domes

The external environment of Croomyll, like all vacuum worlds, can be extreme. The lowest recorded temperature at the polar regions, during a recent winter night, was -215oC, which is more than many of the best hostile environment suits available can withstand. At the equator, however, on a summer's mid-day, the temperature can rise to +12oC.

The system was first occupied by pirates a couple of hundred years ago. They set up a secret operations base at the site of Ottel Domes, plus several safe-storage dens. Their ramshackle outpost grew into a permanent settlement, with the large starport dome being the most important component. In an attempt to gain subsistence self-sufficiency the first Croomyll League (a kind of pirate republic) captured giant, terraforming machines to dig the "World Canal", in the artificial environment of which high protein-yeilding flora and fauna were cultivated and harvested. Over the years, the world-canal gradually replaced gas extraction mines as the main provider of artificial environment gases.

Liansta is the second large dome-settlement, built about 60 years ago, which houses an infamous slave market, renowned for the wide variety of beings available. It sells hundreds of different intelligent and semi-intelligent species or offers them as servants for hire. Liansta is connected to Ottel Domes via a planetary surface magnetic-rings shuttle tube, although it does now have its own spaceport down facility. Hutt Slave Lords rule Liansta, the most prominent and powerful being Doof, and the market thrives under their direction.

Since their initial construction Croomyll's domes have been enlarged, modified and extensively repaired. New domes have been added to both settlements, with Liansta continuing to grow as the Slave Lords enlarge or replace their personal "palace-domes". Presently, most of the domes are habitable, but many are not much more than this. The public domes have temperatures little above freezing in some cases (which is considered by the rulers the most economic level the artificial environment generators can sustain). The population of the domes, therefore (and this is often a surprise to off-worlders), are often swathed in thick layers of clothing, as if they inhabit an icy world. Living quarters for the masses are very cramped and usually communal in nature. Often flimsy interior wall screens provide separation and boundary markings.


The System

Binary Stars: Primary Mallgar; Secondary Fodean
One Gas Giant: Busser (9 satellites & planetoid ring)

The Mainworld

Starport: Stellar Class. Spacecraft shipyard, overhaul capacity and advanced modifications. Down-port in Ottel Domes.
Size: 8900 Km diameter/27960 Km circumference
Atmosphere: Vacuum (Trace)
Hydrographics: ‘Dry’ world: 8% water (Ice capped)
Population: 23 000
Government: Ottel Merchanting Guild and Liansta Market Guild
Restrictions: Low law level (explosives & poison gas prohibited)

Environment specifics:
15.6 standard day rotation period
45 standard days/year [0.124 standard year]
Base temperature: -23.4
Surface pressure: 0.08 atmos.
Gravity: 0.6G (137.5% normal load can be carried)

Available resources and goods:
Natural products - Agric., ores, radioactives, compounds
Processed Goods - Agroproducts, metals, non-metals
Manufactured Goods - Weapons (customised, specialised, decorated or converted)
Note: Croomyll has begun to form trading links with the New Republic, although legally tariffed goods traffic remains minimal.

Main Settlements
Primary settlement: Ottel Domes. Pop: 38000. Stellar Starport
Secondary settlement: Liansta. Pop: 9000. Standard Spaceport
Small communities: Approximately 20, population less than 1000 per.

Native Life Primitive, moss-like plant life found only within the confines of the two southern polar volcanoes. The equatorial volcano harbours no such life. Water flows freely within the pits of these active volcanoes.

Hydrosphere 8%, ice capped (no water taint). One major tectonic plate, two minor ones. Little geological activity.

Terraforming Widespread meteor craters pot-mark the planetary surface. Artificial terraforming present in the form of the "world-canal", a constructed trench of liquid water (liquified by harnessing geathermal energy from the molten core) at hex row level 8, northern hemisphere, approximately along the ice-cap boundary line. Contains abundant life forms, including a genetically engineered, oxygen producing surface "lilly" layer and processible protein rich algae.

Star system details

Note: Population entries above are codes, 1 being 10 or less; 2 being 50 or less; 3 being 100 or less; 4 being 500 or less.

Next Time, Part Two – The Ottel Domes

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Joined: 08 Jun 2011
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PostPosted: Fri May 22, 2020 7:49 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Actually, now I think about it, I think I originally converted this from a world I had made for my Traveller campaigns, using the very mathematical world building mechanics, thus all the details. Also, the details use earth and Sol based measurements and standards, which don't fit the Star Wars universe.

I think I picked the wrong world to start with! Or, at the least, I should ditch some of the the information and get to the more 'interesting' stuff quicker!

Also, I do wish I had time to make all the pictures prettier using modern tools! I think I literally chopped up magazine pictures and stuck them together with glue to make the domes image!

(Edit: Yeah, gimme some time and I am gonna scrap much of the above and re-work the rest. It's one thing to go down my own personal memory lane, but I had rather turn this into something more useful. Then the stuff I put up about the two settlements (etc) next will not be weakened by the dodgy start!)
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Xain Arke
Lieutenant Commander
Lieutenant Commander

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PostPosted: Sat May 23, 2020 2:19 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I like the old school look, reminds me of my own early RPGing typing up information on an actual typewriter Shocked

The world map sheet looks like the AD&D ones that TSR put out

The dome art is very 70's sci-fi book cover Smile

Great work StarPadre
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PostPosted: Sat May 23, 2020 2:33 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

This is amazing, StarPadre. I love it! Thanks so much for sharing your campaign materials.
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Joined: 08 Jun 2011
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PostPosted: Sun May 24, 2020 2:57 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thank you Whill and Xain Arke.

Part Two (of Four)

Ottel Domes

This is the biggest of the two main settlements on Croomyll, renowned for its individually crafted or converted artifacts, weapons and components.

The largest dome in Ottel Domes is the starport dome (the Down-Dome) with a diameter of 1.8km and maximum height of approx. 300m. This dome contains maintenance and construction yards alongside sheltered berths, including one "great shelter" for large ships; a greenhouse park (not too attractive but functional); and a busy market where locally manufactured goods are available. The Down Dome also contains casinos, gambling halls and bars, and even houses slum dwellings (although most such dwellings are located in the other domes). The Great Arena, where gladiatorial competitions between fighting-youth gangs and/or strange slave species are held, as well as less worthy competitions and spectacles, is known much further afield than Croomyll system. A minimally staffed New Republic Embassy has been recently established in the Down-dome, near the central pillar of the Hub Control tower (where traffic-control is managed).

The Government of Ottel Domes is loosely provided by the Ottel Merchanting Guild (OMG), permanent head of the Ottel Guild League. The OMG’s master is Davun Terngst, who has great power, but is "advised" by a small, ever-changing body of leading merchants from the five other large guilds.

Ottel Guild League (OGL)

Ruling Guild: Ottel Merchanting Guild, OGM (Master: Davun Terngst]

Down Guilds: Gemach Hom Guild and Ypam Here Down Guild

Star Guilds: Ciksalo Trading Guild, Seach Guild and Aengou Karrg Merchanting Guild

The OMG provides much of Ottel Domes' policing, such as starport security and has recently bolstered numbers by adding Zembatian fighting units contracted through Cateehl M’Corp. The six guilds, as the League, licence all Ottel’s Merchant Masters and engineering gangs, and require all star-faring merchants to register their interests on arrival. In return for fees and taxes they provide "protection", navigation aids, docking rights, and the right to bid for contracts in the Croomyll market. The OGL supposedly upholds the traditional laws and practises of the Croomyll trading community, but as the OMG have the fullest records, Terngst can often make up his own rulings as he wishes. After registration with the OGL, individual merchant ships and operations usually have to deal through/with one of the six main guilds.

Ottel Domes Government/Power Structure

Relations with Liansta

Although Liantsa is the smallest of the two major settlements upon Croomyll, it is the richest. The slave market brings in great wealth for Doof the Hutt and the other six Slave Lords. Ottel Domes often finds itself functioning as a spill-over starport facility for ships that cannot find space to dock at Liansta during the busiest market-periods. Liansta's wealth also trickles into Ottel domes, as the Slave Lords require construction work or technical repairs or have other skilled-worker requirements. Cateehl Megacorporation has formed strong links with both Ottel Domes and Croomyll Slave Market. Davun Terngst is becoming little more than a manager for their interests, though Doof the Hutt has apparently retained much more independence.

The Domes

All domes are divided into separately pressurizable areas, with several "open dome" regions between some inner areas.

Down Port Dome

Diameter 1.8 Km; maximum height 300 meters.
Open dome temperature fluctuates -15oC to +5oC.
Inner areas maintain a steady 10oC.

As one of the oldest domes this has been repaired and patched with jury-rigged components so often that it operates inefficiently. Some areas are no longer powered, while others have been converted to uses they were not originally intended for.

External Docking:
Berths and platforms for various sizes of spacecraft. Although the hub control tower routinely questions approaching vessels, giving permission to dock, guild military personnel will usually meet unknown ships to search them and question the crew. Other guild representatives may attend when unrecognised cargo carrying vessels arrive to ‘fill them in’ on the details of trade procedures (plus accept bribes to help smooth transactions).

Maintenance and Construction:
Different engineering "gangs" vie for contracts. Four giant overhead accesses allow vessels entry, once the evacuation warnings have been given to crews working in the hangars. The oblong access hatch retains an old fashioned but functioning air-lock mechanism. Larger ships are generally worked on while linked to an external berth.

Most work done in Ottel Down Port Dome consists of the repair of battle-damaged vessels, including the repair of boarded and captured vessels. The Croomyll engineers are quite capable of altering transponder codes, but tend to charge big sums for this particular service.

Sheltered Berths:
For extra security or to speed up basic maintenance work.

Great Sheltered Berth:
Larger ships are stored or serviced here.

Great Arena:
Gladiatorial games are held here occasionally. Other entertainments and opportunities for gambling are also provided while batches of prisoners are gorily dispatched or ‘teener’ gangs make a name for themselves and their rich patrons.

Typical Arena program:
1. A famous team slaughters convicted criminals. Warm up.
2. Arranged fights between teams, the losers yield by surrendering.
3. Captured animals/non-sentients are baited or otherwise encouraged to fight each other.
4. Death duel battle between 2 to 4 rival teams. There is a variety of formats for these finales.

The arena also hosts targeting competitions and Holo starship battles, amongst other sports.

A vast variety of goods is available here, although not usually in bulk quantities. The market specialises in individually manufactured, altered or decorated weapons and equipment, including contracts to construct items to the buyer's specifications. A plethora of trinkets, jewellery, souvenirs, exotic items and devices are available too. Food and drink products, as well as holos and dedicated games-devices, from all over the known galaxy (and beyond) are available. Obscure starship components can also be found here, scavenged from wrecks and outmoded craft.

For large shipments and bulk deals then the Ottel Guild League Commerce Allocation Office in the Llakanjin Dome should be contacted.

Greenhouse Park:
This is far from peak condition, and looks more like wasteland scrub than a garden . Formal duels take place here (a left over, like the arena, from the old ‘pirate republic’ years) and the domes’ security force have been known to use it for training.

A down-market shanty area, teeming with traders in cheaper or more dubious goods. Due to the minimal expenditure on environment control, it is cold place to shop (good refrigeration for foodstuffs).

Hub Control Tower:
OMG and OGL employees direct downport operations

- arrival and departure procedures
- docking
- pressurization
- security operations
- emergencies

New Republic Embassy:
A minimal presence with only a handful of staff, in the form of a diplomatic envoy office rather than a full embassy service.

Prison facility:
Hire cells are available alongside official guild holding cells. Animal pens fill the lower areas, in which beasts for the arena are held. This gives the entire Prison facility an awful and persistent smell.

And Also:
Cantinas, casinos and gambling halls
Slum dwellings housing wounded ex-crew and workers, addicts, down-port workers’ families, teeners, out of luck off-worlders, and for the employees of the entertainment establishments, etc.

The Other Domes

Llakanjin Dome
Guilders and their families, retinue-employees and guards inhabit this dome. Security officers, construction gang bosses and several other richer inhabitants are also lodged here. Several offices and services are located here, for example the Ottel Guild League Commerce Allocation Office. Other establishments include those catering to the rich - restaurants, medical services, etc.

Janean Town, Hab Dome and Goteaten Dome
Hab domes for workers and their families, including maintenance personnel, canal workers, mechanics and constructors. These domes are over-crowded and badly maintained. The inhabitants survive live by cooperating in tight knit loyalty groups and learning what they need to maintain their environment.

Star Town Dome
The earliest dome constructed. Now a hab-dome but also containing hospital facilities for the general populace, training and education centres (including the semi-official Ottel Skills Shop), library facilities and disused research laboratories. The guilds will sponsor education of contracted employees, so that they can provide skilled labour. The ‘Shop’ specialises in starfaring skills. The hospital has a well-established and effective cybernetic prosthetics section. This dome also has bays for planetary Surface vehicles (mining and exploration models), along with two hangars for the maintenance of such vehicles. The walls support basic berths for smaller space going vessels (fighters and light freighters).

Ottel Domes Emergency Procedures

Outer wall breach:
The outer dome and inner sections are individually sealed after klaxon warning of variable duration, then guild employee emergency teams, plus security personnel and sub-contracted maintenance/construct teams (who have received basic emergency training and are paid a retainer) move into action. They repair the breach, provide security, evacuate and treat injured or trapped beings. The Hub Control Tower manages the operation (for all domes)

The affected section sealed and teams dispatched by Hub Control Tower.

Guild security teams move in. Sometimes they are ordered to stand-by if private individuals (non-guild aligned) are fighting, then ‘mop’ up if required.

Next time, Liansta Domes (and Doof the Hutt), then part four will look at Croomyll customs, laws, the 'world canal' and the ground shuttle.
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PostPosted: Tue May 26, 2020 4:25 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Part 3 (of 4)


Power Structure

Although Liansta is the smallest of the two major settlements upon Croomyll, it is the richest. The infamous slave market brings in considerable wealth for Doof and the other five ‘Slave Lords’, though the actual facilities are somewhat limited. For example, during the busiest market-periods Ottel Domes often functions as a spill-over starport facility for ships unable to find space to dock due Liansta’s limited port-capacity, or do not want to put down dirt-side. Liansta's wealth does trickle to Ottel Domes in other ways too, as the Slave Lords require construction work or technical repairs or have other skilled-worker requirements. Cateehl Megacorporation has formed strong links with both Ottel Domes and the Liansta Slave Market. At the former, Davun Terngst has become little more than a manager for their interests, but Doof the Hutt has retained much more independence in Liansta.

Doof the Hutt

Doof not only has the most extensive palace at Liansta and the most powerful position in the Liansta Guild, but also operates a small fleet of bulk and light freighters. He often contracts Ty Ty ol Harr Shipping to provide additional carrying capacity, as well as Menen-Juhut Protection vessels to guard more valuable shipments. It is believed by some that he has shares in both these companies, or some other influence, as he has a very easy and beneficial business relationship with them.

As Guild president, it is Doof's responsibility to ensure the smooth running of the Central Market Arena. This, plus his generally aggressive business methods, have meant that he has gained effectual (if not nominal) control of the entire Slave Market. Bit by bit he is eating away at the other Slave Lord's operations and wealth and has in fact already absorbed Biygor's and Granu's operations. These two lesser lords are now nothing more than his vassals, lieutenants who manage smaller and smaller fractions of Doof's growing possessions. Doof has replaced much of Market Security personnel with contracted Zembatian soldiers, at the same time boosting the overall number of security personnel. His own consignment troopers provide commanders for the revised security force, as well as elite troopers for sensitive or important tasks.

General Information on Croomyll System

Croomyll Law

The following laws and punishments apply in the Starport Down, Ottel Domes and Liansta Town alone. Arrested suspects are put on trial before a guild-appointed jury, usually consisting of retinue personnel, with an officer or (occasionally) a chief guilder presiding as judge. Compensation punishments range from monetary or goods payments (usually greater than the amount stolen or damage done), to indentured servitude or often slavery. A respected person is usually required as a backer for any charges brought - without such assent, the accused cannot usually even be brought to trial or even gaoled.

Crimes and Punishments

Murder with a ranged weapon - Compensation or death.

Murder with a blade weapon - If duelling (and following traditional forms), no punishment, otherwise compensation and/or banishment (for the troublesome poor, banishment can involve being pushed out of the domes to die).

Debt unpaid after contracted period - Whim of debtor, provided the judge assents.

Theft - Compensation and banishment (again, the judge might instruct they be pushed from the domes).

Customs and attitudes

The beings of Croomyll have varied modes of dress. Beggars (‘shadows’), addicts (‘gaks’) and teeners tend to be clothed in layers of (often filthy) rags to protect themselves from the cold, but other inhabitants have more elaborate styles. The Slave Lords of Liansta and the Major Guilders of Ottel Domes dress as would royalty on other worlds, some even deck out their retinues and guards in elaborate liveries. Spacecraft personnel tend to have shaved heads, often tattooed or died with garish colours, and those who have gained the honour paint the ID of destroyed vessels upon vambraces or breastplates! Military types (guild-guards) wear ornately decorated armour (engraving and lamination), though still quite functional, consisting amalgamated styles and makes. Body tattoos of traditional designs are sported by the various professions (these are considered lucky!)

Blades are carried by nearly everyone within the domes. Blaster or missile weapons are generally frowned upon, due to the risk of breach, although are still seen. Teener gangs carry the most-deadly looking blades and axes, but tend to be too focused on their own rivalries and vendettas to get involved in much else.

A high proportion of the populace are hooked upon a variety of drugs, many of which are produced locally in chemical workshops by guild-registered specialists. All sorts of "alternatives" to the expensive Glitterstim spice of Kessel, most based around the mineral ryll, are manufactured in Ottel Domes, of varied quality. The drug export trade forms the basis for many lesser merchants’ operations and livelihood; though the unique artifacts and weapons trade (considered luxury products in many neighbouring worlds) follows close behind. The profits of piracy, including privateering and smuggling, is not frowned on by the guilds, but such acts are not usually tolerated in-system. The richest bounty contracts available from the guilds tend to be for the tracking and capturing of those who have committed acts of piracy within the Croomyll ‘Protected Zone’.

Hull breach emergency procedures are about the only official education given to all children no matter their economic status, although even so panic generally ensues whenever there is a breach and guild emergency teams are relied upon to respond to the situation.

In Ottel Domes prison cells are available for hire to private individuals, alongside the guild holding cells of the Arena-side prison. In Liansta, entire domes are furnished to provide leasable cells and dormitories for storage of slave shipments.

The World Canal

This was built be the early settlers, being a great trench, covered by a meteorite shield and anti-convection barrier, containing water, algae and photosynthesising plant material. It is neighboured by the ground shuttle tube (see below). The canal provides vegetable and algae nutrients for consumption by the mass populace of Croomyll but does not yield quite enough to make Croomyll self-sufficient, mainly because it is now only functional between Ottel Domes and Liansta (as is the shuttle tube). Outside of this productive stretch, the canal has been left to go ‘wild’ and, as a consequence, harbours some fairly dangerous creatures introduced over the years for various reasons.

The Ground Shuttle Tube

The next time, the last part – some Croomyll NPCs
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